i have recently discovered a local source for yummy protein balls in the area from a friend of mine and wanted to help get the word out about these wonderful little delights. My friend had been going to a local gym in McKinney for quite a while now and like most health-conscious patrons, she knows that it’s important to load up on protein before you hit the gym, especially if you anticipate an intense workout.

She met a girl there who frequented the gym regularly as well, and discovered that she made her own protein balls which were quite delicious and were made with top shelf ingredients, with an abundant array of flavors, which were a welcomed change of pace from the corner-store variety with their limited offerings. Well, after hearing this, we just had to contact this delicious-delectable-diva protein-ball-snack aficionado, and find out her story… and here it is, in her own words.

Well, hello everyone, my name is Billie, and the name of my product is called B-Balls. My mission is to provide people with a healthy snack alternative that not only provides the protein that your body needs, like before any type of intense activity, but is also quite tasty and filling. B-Balls started when I was on a mission to lose weight, however, I had a killer sweet tooth and needed something to satisfy those intense cravings as well as being able to load up on healthy protein. Hence, B-Balls was born as I started experimenting with making protein balls out of the protein powder I was using and combining them with natural healthy ingredients. My protein balls were exceptionally good, not only did they taste great, but it satisfied my sweet tooth and they were quite filling.

I started to take some into my local gym and they loved them as well. After acquiring the proper certification, I then started selling them at the gym. I then I branched out and started selling at a few local farmer markets in the area as well. I am now featured in a few local coffee shops and looking to expand my business even further. I use the best ingredients possible (nothing fake here) and the best plant-based protein powder.

I can deliver within a 10 mile radius of McKinney for free and anything outside of the 10-mile radius incurs a .50/mile charge. The cost is only $24 per dozen, with one dozen being the minimum order for each variety. Delivery is normally within 24-48 hours. They can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two weeks or frozen up to two months. If you have a business in the area and may be interested in featuring my products for sale, please contact me at [email protected].

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