the 3rd Annual Whistlestop Jamboree, held at the Frisco Rail Yard, located at Main St. and 1st Ave., in Frisco was a FREE, all-day, family-friendly music festival showcasing prominent local bands on one stage and featuring an experimental collaboration of musicians on another stage. The Main Stage featured The Venetian Sailors, Droo’s Peace Crush, Loyal Sally, Christopher Mills, and Justin Tipton.

The Jamboree Scramble stage hosted ad-hoc bands that were created this summer by drawing names of prominent local musicians from a hat: The Neighbors, Ben & Stacy, That Sound Flipper Makes, 21 String Posse, 380 Outlaws, Shotgun Whiskey, Thorns & Roses. Then they are given two months to prepare songs for the Jamboree Stage. The entire days events are also broadcast live over Real Texas Radio during the course of the day.

“The three pillars of our philosophy are: creativity, community, and citizenship”

The Jamboree is presented by the Frisco Music Scene, a non-profit organization headed by, Steve Anderson, Jeff Brooks, Daly Duncan, Matt Hinchey, Stacey Shope and Ben Shurr. This will be their third event, with many more already in the works.

organizer Jeff Brooks said, “The three pillars of our philosophy are: creativity, community, and citizenship. By creativity, we encourage original music by local artists of various genres. By community, we understand music to be not only the product of a musician, but an interaction between the artists, their location, and their audience. And by citizenship, we are especially interested in nurturing a musical culture that identifies itself with the Frisco experience, from its historic roots to the blooming society it is producing”.

We encourage original music by local artists of various genres.

Music is to a city what flavor is to food. A city like Frisco, Texas, needs its own music to help define its unique character and style. The Frisco Music Scene is a collaboration of local artists, venues, and community leaders dedicated to this understanding. Their goal is to nurture a distinct musical culture for our developing city.

Nestled neatly just off the main road, and easily accessible for parking, the Whistlestop Jamboree is slowly proving that this fest is more-than-worthy of being a contender in the ever-growing domain of music-fests in Texas. Laid back, small, friendly crowd, plenty of adult beverages, if needed/warranted/demanded and plenty of food trucks to satisfy the pickiest palates.

The Jamboree seemed to radiate with warmth and fellowship as people mingled around, children afoot and explicitly original music playing in the background. The weather wasn’t too bad either, which is code for, “Thank goodness it wasn’t raining.”

I have a feeling it’s going to start getting a little more recognition and sponsorship this next year as more and more people seem to be noticing this hidden gem for what it truly is…a music jamboree is born.

Whistlestop Jamboree
Frisco Railyards
9040 First Street
Frisco, TX 75034

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