i discovered this product quite by accident a few weeks ago as I was initially searching to see if i could use a certain insecticide on some pesty critters that were munching my new oak tree slowly to death. A response on a YouTube video had mentioned that he found this cool device that you could attach to your leaf blower and attach a simple spray bottle and you can pretty much duplicate the same technique that professional exterminators use, but at a fraction of the cost. Even though this was basically invented to eradicate mosquitos, it works just as good for applying herbicides, fungicides, mildew removers, disinfectants, fertilizers and more.

No-tools needed adjustments

You can easily spray your trees, foliage, and ground cover; basically everywhere that those pesky little creepy-crawlers easily hide and thrive in your yard. A ‘misting’ application delivered by a powerful blower is far better than a traditional pump-up spray bottle as it envelopes the entire area of what you’re applying it to. When you hook this to your leaf blower, you can reach up into the higher branches of your tree and when applied to you bushes, it gets deep into the interior where bugs love to hide during the day.

Clamp easily attaches to blower

Pay special attention to the underside of plants, and leaves as well as your lawn. Just be sure to check the label for application instructions and you’ll be on your way to saving major-bucks as opposed to calling a professional exterminator and shelling out a few Benjamin’s throughout the year. The Mosquito Sniper System was concocted by a police officer, who is also a member of the SWAT team as a sniper. He wanted to treat his yard, but didn’t like the idea of paying hundreds of dollars every year keeping the pests at bay. After about a year of tinkering, testing, designing and acquiring a patent, he started a website and began selling his invention.

Can attach to any type of blower system

If you already have a compatible pump-up spray tank, you are only going to spend about $38 for the Mosquito Sniper System. If you don’t have a tank, the price will jump up to about $58 with a tank. It’s still one heck of a bargain for a product that makes your life easier, more enjoyable, and saves you tons-o-money.

I had bought Talstar Pest Control Insecticide off of Amazon a few days earlier, which is one of the insecticides they recommend on their site. These are the same chemicals the pest control companies use. I followed the instructions on the label as well as visited their website for more detailed info. It contains the active ingredient Bifenthrin and can be applied indoors and outdoors with lasting effects. Talstar P is water-based and will not damage plants with solvents. It will treat and control over 75 insects found inside and outside building structures. With various types of application methods, it also eliminates fleas, cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, and more.

Talstar P Professional contains the active ingredient Bifenthrin which targets the insects nervous system, disorienting the insect to the point where they die. Talstar P also serves as a repellent and is great for barrier treatments to keep pests away for up to 90 days. It  is water-based, odorless, contains no plant-damaging chemicals, and will not leave behind a visible residue on plants. This product is also ideal for professional use as an outside termite treatment for residential foundations. Individuals and companies need the proper licensing before using Talstar P Professional as an outdoor termiticide around the perimeter of a building structure.

A few months ago, I received a quote for a local company to come to my home and it was $95 for the first application and $65 for each follow-up. To me, it’s a no-brainer for $5-$7 for each application doing it myself. Just follow their recommendations, use the proper safety attire, and be amazed at much money you’ll be saving.  So now, I do an application every three or four weeks and I am bug-free. No more running back inside because of those nightly mosquito invasions which Texas is famous for. I simply spray every 3 weeks or so, and I can enjoy sitting out on the back patio watching the beautiful sunsets while sipping some cool adult beverages with my snuggle-bear!


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